Business Environment

International Film Production
based on Japanese Intellectual Properties

In 2006, the year when Filosophia was founded, the remake of the Japanese horror movie “The Ring 2” was an international hit. In the following year “The Departed,” the remake of the Asian film “Infernal Affairs,” won multiple awards including Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Although it did not achieve the same level of commercial success, both “Speed Racer”, a film adaptation of the Japanese classic animated series (a.k.a. “Mahha Go Go Go”) and “Dragonball Evolution,” adapted from the globally popular comic “Dragonball Z”, were the focus of much attention in the entertainment industry in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Comics, toys and video games from Japan, such as “Transformers” and “Resident Evil,” have also become international blockbuster franchises. These trends explain why Japanese intellectual properties and Asian cinema have come to be been seen as a potential goldmine in Hollywood in recent years. There are also numerous projects based on these properties currently in development or production. In this business environment, our mission is to follow the changing trends and introduce promising titles to the world’s most influential film producers and studios by participating in the projects as executive producer and producer.


International Consulting for the Film Industry

We also provide different kinds of consulting services in the film industry and our slogan is “To build bridges between Hollywood, and the Japanese film industry.” We provide support to leading film sales agents and independent film companies overseas for their sale to Japanese distributors and management assistance as their local agent. We also provide Japanese distributors with support for the acquisition of foreign films. In addition, we serve as the official liaison for Tokyo International Film Festival to contact foreign countries for a variety of negotiations, and provide management assistance to international film productions between Japanese companies and Hollywood. We have also recently started to support Japanese companies who wish to introduce the latest film technology, such as 3D, to major Hollywood studios. Our range of consulting services will continue to expand in the future. Our business aims to overcome the differences in culture and practice in the film industries of Japan and other countries and to contribute to the globalization of the Japanese film business.