International Film Production based on Japanese Intellectual Properties

One of the key challenges facing Hollywood filmmakers targeting global markets is “to secure the rights to strong projects”. As Japan is renowned for the wealth of its intellectual property in the fields of comics, animation and games, all of which have had a huge influence on Hollywood films, our mission is to collaborate with successful producers all over the world to make filmed entertainments with global appeal based on these intellectual properties. We also aim to re-make Japanese films, following the recent trend in Hollywood, acting as Executive Producer or Producer. We provide a wide range of services, such as introducing promising intellectual properties to foreign producers and film studios and representing them to negotiate with the owners of the properties in order to secure the rights. We communicate with them during the planning and development of the project with respect for their creative control, and help to find distribution partners in Japan. We also work as a casting agent for Japanese actors and actresses and report and update the owners of the rights on the results of distribution in the U.S. and other territories.