Officers & Partners

Tetsu Fujimura, Chief Executive Officer

Tetsu joined Akai Electric Co., Ltd. in 1976 and at that company was engaged in international business in overseas markets in the Middle East and Europe. He left Akai in 1981 to become an operations manager in a foreign investment firm and, after working as a director for a film company, founded GAGA Communications, Inc. in 1986. GAGA distributed video content for many years, and Tetsu as president lead the company to the top of its industry. The company then entered film distribution in 1992 with similar success. During its 20 years of business under Tetsu’s guidance GAGA was involved in more than 3,000 films and became one of the most recognized Japanese businesses worldwide in the entertainment industry. GAGA was listed on the Japan Nasdaq Stock Exchange in 2001, and in 2004 became part of the USEN conglomerate, where Tetsu served as a director. In December 2006, Tetsu founded the Filosophia, Inc. consultancy to draw on his experience and relationships in the industry.

Tetsu graduated from Keio University with a degree in law. He has received numerous awards in the domestic and international film industry and has served as a trustee and director of various film and trade organizations. Tetsu is also the author of several books.

Tatsumi “Tom” Yoda, Director

After serving as a director of Sansui Electric Co., Ltd., Tom founded and became representative director of Thomas Yoda Limited (now T.Y. Limited., Inc.) and invited to join Avex D.D. (now Avex Group Holdings), where he participated in the management of the company as the actual founder, in 1988. He was appointed Chairman and C.E.O. of that company in 1993. Tom became famous for his bold strategies and powerful leadership which brought that company to the top of its industry within 10 years, along with a listing in the highest division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1999. He was appointed chairman of the Recording Industry Association of Japan in 2003 and became a principal shareholder, Chairman and Representative Corporate Officer of GAGA Communications in 2004. T.Y. Limited, along with Kinoshita Corporation, purchased all shares of GAGA held by USEN and Tom became the owner. Recognized throughout the entertainment industry as having a deep knowledge of both the music and filmed entertainment businesses, he has also contributed to the development and globalization of Japanese creative industries through his work as Chairman of the Sub Committee on Entertainment and Contents, Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren), and ministries of government as a review committee member, as a member of the Content Specialization Investigation Committee, Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, Cabinet Secretariat, as a director of the Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), as a director of the Foreign Film Importer-Distributors Association of Japan, as a director of the Japan Association for the International Promotion of Moving Images, and chairman of Tokyo International Film Festival (2008-2013). He is widely considered a key man in Japan’s creative business, and was appointed Director of Filosophia, Inc. upon its incorporation in December 2006.

Tom graduated from Meiji University with a degree in Business Administration.